Acorn ArborCare is a full-service tree care company.

We  offer a wide range of services, and we partner with other service  providers to ensure all aspects of care for your trees & shrubs are  done safely, by trained professionals, using the most appropriate  techniques and equipment. Contact us to see how we can help your trees  and shrubs thrive! 


Our pruning services include deadwood removal, building clearance, canopy thinning, and crown reduction, all performed to exacting standards by professionals who take pride in their work.


Whether you need clearance up against the house, aesthetic beauty, the best shape for long term health, or all of the above, we can help you get the most out of your hedges.


We offer a variety of treatments such as nutrient injections, curative fungicide applications, and preventative treatments to protect against threats like emerald ash borer.

Storm Damage/Hanging Limbs

We offer expedient emergency response for downed or dangerous trees and limbs.


For hazardous, damaged, declining, or encroaching trees and shrubs, we offer complete removals safely performed by experienced professionals.

Stump Grinding

We remove the stump, then we fill in the area and topdress with rich black dirt. At your discretion, we will also seed the area to help it reintegrate into your lawn.