Our Pledge

We here at Acorn ArborCare pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Mission

At Acorn ArborCare our mission is simple: to help preserve and protect your trees, shrubs, and property by providing top quality, professional, arboricultural services.

About the Owner

John Borgen • ISA Certified Arborist​ • NO-MW-5664A

    I am the owner and operator of Acorn ArborCare, and I look forward to  the opportunity to help care for your trees, shrubs, and entire wooded  landscape.

My Background:

    I earned an AAS in Parks & Natural Resources from Kirkwood  Community College in 2000 and a BS in Wildlife Biology and Scientific  & Technical Communication from University of Wisconsin - Stevens  Point in 2004.

    I started doing arboricultural work in 2004 in Wisconsin at a great  tree care company, Hamm's ArborCare, where I established the base of  knowledge in tree care operations that has helped me get where I am  today.  I have been doing tree care work as a seasonal/part-time job  along with other professional endeavors ever since. I have been  working full-time as an arborist in the Iowa City area since my family  and I moved back in 2012.

    While living in Wisconsin (for 12 years) I worked for the WDNR State  Natural Areas Crew, managing the most pristine and biodiverse lands in  the state. I provided contract services to, and later worked for, the  Board of Commissioners of Public Lands doing Timber Stand Improvement on  state forest lands. I have also done many years of bird research,  including Peregrine falcons, American Kestrels, and Common Loons for the  WDNR, the USGS, and private researchers.