Our Pledge

Our Mission

Our Mission

We here at Acorn ArborCare pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Acorn ArborCare our mission is simple: to help preserve and protect your trees, shrubs, and property by providing top quality, professional, arboricultural services.

Meet the Acorn team


Owner John Borgen • ISA Certified Arborist​ • # MW-5664A

    I am the owner and operator of Acorn ArborCare, and I look forward to  the opportunity to help care for your trees, shrubs, and entire wooded  landscape.

My Background:

    I earned an AAS in Parks & Natural Resources from Kirkwood  Community College in 2000 and a BS in Wildlife Biology and Scientific  & Technical Communication from University of Wisconsin - Stevens  Point in 2004.

    I started doing arboricultural work in 2004 in Wisconsin at a great  tree care company, Hamm's ArborCare, where I established the base of  knowledge in tree care operations that has helped me get where I am  today.  I have been doing tree care work as a seasonal/part-time job  along with other professional endeavors ever since. I have been  working full-time as an arborist in the Iowa City area since my family  and I moved back in 2012.

    While living in Wisconsin (for 12 years) I worked for the WDNR State  Natural Areas Crew, managing the most pristine and biodiverse lands in  the state. I provided contract services to, and later worked for, the  Board of Commissioners of Public Lands doing Timber Stand Improvement on  state forest lands. I have also done many years of bird research,  including Peregrine falcons, American Kestrels, and Common Loons for the  WDNR, the USGS, and private researchers.


Ross Spenler

Ross is an Iowa native who earned his undergraduate degree in Forestry from Iowa State University. He has been working in the tree care industry for over 7 years and is a skilled tree climber and operator of heavy equipment.  He is a passionate outdoorsman and particularly enjoys hunting deer and pheasant and fishing. He has worked for both public works departments and private tree care companies before joining the Acorn team.


Virginia Miller • ISA Certified Arborist ​ • # IW-0012A

  Virginia spent her childhood traveling around Minnesota to visit state parks with her father, a forester for the DNR. She completed her undergraduate degree at the UW - Madison, where she majored in marketing and management. Virginia spent five years operating her own small business, Miller Tree Care, before coming on board with Acorn ArborCare.

  Virginia earned ISA certification in 2017, and completed the Urban Forestry Graduate Certificate from Oregon State University in December of 2017.  She is also a certified pesticide applicator, and has been doing EAB treatments locally for the past 4 years. In 2015, she established the University Heights Tree Board, served as its first chairperson, and over the next few years planted over 80 new street trees in her neighborhood. Virginia is passionate about planting the urban forest of tomorrow, and loves finding planting spots for unusual tree species.