Oak Tree Pruning

The skilled arborists at Acorn Arborcare have over 35 years combined experience and education in managing and preserving mature trees. We know that big trees don't like big cuts, and they need as many of their leaves as possible to continue to feed their roots and keep growing. This is why when you hire Acorn to prune your oaks or other mature trees, we will take the time to address your pruning needs by making lots of small cuts rather than a few large cuts. This is much better for tree health and can lead to trees living in your landscape for longer.

Our customers consistently tell us two things: 

1) that they are surprised at how quietly we work (because we prune with a handsaw more often than we use a chainsaw) and 

2) they are delighted that their tree doesn't look 'pruned' when we are done. It just looks beautiful and natural.

What is the right time of year to prune an oak tree?

Oaks and elms must be pruned in winter to reduce the chance of spreading Oak Wilt Disease in oaks and Dutch Elm disease in elms.

How often should I have my mature trees pruned?

Pruning cycles depend on a lot of factors - young trees should be pruned for structure every 2-5 years, medium aged trees should be pruned for clearance and structure every 5—8 years, and mature trees can sometimes go 8+ years between pruning cycles. Keep in mind however, that more frequent pruning means that clearance and structural pruning objectives can be met using smaller cuts, which is better for tree health. A longer time between pruning cycles can mean that structural problems may be too late to be properly corrected, or that bigger cuts will have to be made, both of which negatively impact a trees long term health and structural integrity.