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Want mulch?

We generate a lot of high-quality chipped hardwood mulch in the course of our day. Would you like us to deliver a load to you for your garden? Wood chip mulch helps suppress weeds, retain soil moisture, and adds organic content to your soil.

We can deliver a load of wood chips to your house for FREE, but with the following restrictions:

1) We will deliver a full load of wood chips - which is approximately 8 cubic yards. We cannot deliver partial loads.

2) We will prioritize requests based on when we are working nearby. If we don't have any jobs scheduled near you, it may be a longer wait. If you need mulch on a specific day or time, we can accommodate that request for a small fee.

3) Please include your cell phone number in the request. We will send you a text to give you a heads up, but it may be short notice.

4) Your load will likely include a mix of tree species, but it will NOT include any walnut, thorny locust, or diseased materials.

5) In your request please specify exactly where you want the wood chips dropped - it will fill a space of approximately 15 feet x 15 feet. Please note that we have to be able to back up to the spot with our chip truck, so chips can't be dropped into a fenced yard, for example.

6) Spreading it in your yard is up to you.